Antony's Oration

To create your outline, comment on the following:

I.                   Introduction

A.                Who is speaking?

B.                 What is the background information on the speaker?

C.                 From what perspective do they speak?

II.                Purpose: (also called rhetorical appeal) – the main appeal or interest of the speaker. He/she may use one or all three of the appeals.

A.                What is the speaker trying to accomplish?

B.                 How does the speaker accomplish his/her purpose?

1.                  Ethos

2.                  Pathos

3.                  Logos

III.             Audience: the listeners of the rhetoric. Important factors include race, age, gender, cultural identity, educational background.

A.                To whom is the author speaking?

B.                 What is the author’s attitude toward the subject and toward the audience?

IV.             Theme: the subject being discussed and the author or speaker’s opinion about the subject

A.                How does the speaker organize the speech?

B.                 Where does the speaker provide emphasis?

V.                Tone

A.                Is the speaker sarcastic?

B.                 What literary devices does the speaker use?

VI.             Rhetorical Strategies and Logical Fallacies

A.                What rhetorical strategies does the speaker employ?

B.                 What logical fallacies does the speaker employ?

VII.          Conclusion: the final synopsis of the speaker and his purpose