Find the meaning of your name

Homework For Thursday December 1st  2016

Due: Saturday December 3rd, 2016


Click the link above and consider these questions on a piece of paper or written online. The ones with stars means you search them on a different website. 

  • Gender
  • Meaning*
  • Usage 
  • Other Scripts 
  • Meaning and History 
  • Related Names 
  • Popularity 
  • Expand Name Links
  • See all Retaliations
  • Show Family Tree 
  • Popularity Detail
  • Related Names
  • Namesake
  • Ratings 
  • Name Days*
  • Websites

I Wonder What Is Going On?

Due: The next day after when we start. *if you finished in class, then you do not have to complete this 

Every Monday we will look at an image and discuss what we think is going on. Then in our language notebooks we our going to write down are answers. You MUST consider these statement's into your summary/paragraph. Include: thoughts, connections, feelings, questions.