Sight Words

What is a high-frequency or sight word?

A simple definition for these high-frequency or sight words is: they are common words that a reader should recognize instantly, automatically, on sight.

Sight word lists are a group of words or a set of words typically ranked by frequency of their use. Your child should not have to think about these words or sound them out, but recognize them immediately.

Please use your own discretion about the amount of time you wish to spend on helping your child with these words. I would say approximately 10 minutes or less each  night. Keep it fun!

How can I help my child?

Ideas for Practicing Sight Words:
Play bingo with your words! Create a 3x3 grid. Write one word in each box. Place a marker on the box if the word is called. The first player to have 3 in a row wins! 

Magnetic Letters/Letter Cards 
Use a set of magnetic letters or the letter cards to practice forming the words your child needs to learn on the list.

Word of the Day 
Put a word your child has to learn on your refrigerator.  Have your child find that word in books ,the newspaper, magazines, catalogs and/or on signs.  At the end of the day, have your child write that word on a list.  Keep adding the daily words to this list.  You can then use this list to help your child read and practice the words.

Start with 5 words that your child needs to practice.  Write each word on a separate card.  Hold the cards in a pile showing your child one at a time.  Work through them several times to see how quickly your child can read them.

Concentration/Memory Game 
Choose 8 words that  your child needs to practice.  Make 2 cards for each word.  Shuffle the cards and place them face down in 4 rows of 4 cards.  Take turns turning over 2 cards and read each as it is turned.  If the 2 cards are the same word, that player keeps them and takes another turn.  Cards that do not match are turned face down again in the same place.  Continue playing until all the cards have been matched.  The player with the most cards wins!

Words in the Newspaper 
Have your child circle or highlight all the words that he/she can find in the newspaper.