About Ms. Z

Ms. Zattoni Fishing

Hi Student's and Parents! This page is to give you an idea of who I am! I want to learn a lot about you, and I want you to learn about me as well.

 I grew up in Eveleth, MN. I attended the University of Minnesotat Duluth and recieved my teaching degree. I have been working with the Grand Rapids school district for 3 years. I am really excited about the new year ahead! I will be getting married on September 25th. You will see that my name will change to Mrs. Koshiol (Ku-sh-ul.)

I love sports and camping. In the summer we do a lot of camping with our dog Riley. During the school year I coach girls and boys competitive swimming. I also work in the summer coordinating Summer Learning Academy.

You will notice that we will have Guinea Pigs in our class and I really love pets. They will also be your guinea pigs for the year!

 I look forward to teaching you all. This year will be a great year with lots of learning!

Please check back often! Laughing