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Field Biology/Ecology

Instructor: Mrs. Karavites-Uhl         Room : 2232



Text:  Environmental Science  by Holt

Course Description

Field Biology/Ecology is the study of our local environment and the role we play in determining it’s future. The course looks at many aspects in our community, from the local fauna and flora, to the ways we use water and soil. There are several field excursions to explore the community and to experience our role in preserving and conserving the ecosystem for future generations.

Course Syllabus **

For each unit, students will be assigned a variety of activities and assignments.  These will include chapter outlines, worksheets with practice ACT questions, study guides, practice essays, teacher demonstrations, concept maps, small group projects, labs, quizzes and tests.  Students will be responsible for reading the text and adhering to due dates.

** please note – syllabus is subject to changes and additions Topics listed are main focus of the quarter





Assignments & Labs











Writing in Science

Current Events

Quizzes on all labs

Unit Exams




Water Properties








Writing in Science

Current Events

Quizzes on all labs

Unit Exams



Land Ethics



Animal Behavior

Edible Plants



Writing in Science

Current Events

Quizzes on all labs

Unit Exams




Renewable & Non Renewable Energies






19, 20

Writing in Science

Current Events

Quizzes on all labs

Unit Exams



Teaching Strategies                  I use a variety of the following teaching strategies to engage my students.

  • Lecture: introduces new subject matter
  • Debates/Discussions : to provide students with a more extensive viewpoint of the subject matter
  • Internet Research: Students should engage in independent research to further their knowledge difficult concepts presented in class.  Internet research is also used for projects and assignments.
  • Lab Activities and Experiments: All lab equipment is to be handled with care. Carefully read instructions and if still in doubt, ask your instructor.  Group investigation DOES NOT mean group grades. Each student will be responsible for an individual response per lab activity. Be prepared for quizzes on all labs and lab activities.
  • Videos and Video Clips: I believe many students are audio/visual learners and educational videos are essential to their understanding and comprehension of the material presented.
  • Project based Assignments: Projects help assess students on a level that sometimes is not addressed in tests or quizzes.  This format allows students to use skills and talents from other discipline areas to enhance their study of Biology.
  • Field Experiences : These experiences are not mandatory, and are weather permitting. However, the material and labs performed will be subject to class discussion and quizzes/tests. The content is specific for the unit of study and is used in tests, quizzes and class assignments..
  • ECOFEST: In April, to celebrate Earth Day, GBN hosts all the 5th graders from the surrounding feeder districts to celebrate Earth day with fun activities and lessons. These activities/lessons are  designed and led by GBN Ecology, AP Environmental and Green Panthers Environmental Club students.

Lab Component

Students will work in groups of 4 to 5 to complete the lab assignment. Students are required to complete any pre-lab, lab write ups and post lab activities individually. As a class we will discuss the answers to the questions and address any other concerns such as lab safety issues, problems that may arise during the lab, and the lab set up. Students are responsible for clean up and the correct handling of all equipment. Any additional work not completed will be homework.

Field work can be messy – a pair of old shoes and proper clothing is important. Insect repellent and water should be taken with. All trips are subject to the Panther Planner Student Behavior guidelines.

Student Evaluation

  • Grades are based upon total points earned.
  • Tests can be ACT format , multiple choice or essays and tests are timed.


  • Labs and activities  are graded with the following rubric:





Present for Lab Assignment, no work handed in (Student will make arrangements to complete lab outside of class time)


Lab attempted, not completed and needs to be redone. (Student will make arrangements to complete lab outside of class time)

3 /4

Lab completed, key concepts missing or incomplete. (Student may redo and make arrangements to complete lab outside of class)

4 /4

Lab completed, write up format followed. Student understands key concept.


  • Quizzes may or may not be announced. Quiz topics will include labs, class discussions, homework assignments and readings.

The district assigned grading scale will be used and can be found in your Panther Planner.

Supply List

Text Book                                                                            Pencils, pens, erasers

Calculator with log function                                         Highlighter

Graph paper

Lab Journal                                                                         Folder/binder/loose leaf paper

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