8th Grade



  1. Graphing
    1. Creating a data table
    2. Creating a graph
    3. Graphing tables and data
  1. Slope
    1. Determining positive or negative slope
    2. Identifying the y-intercept
    3. Finding slope from a table
    4. Finding slope from a graph
    5. Finding slope from an equation
    6. Finding slope from two points
    7. Writing equations including slope and the y-intercept



  1. Unit #1 Unit Test
  2. Input & Output Tables/Graphing Test
  3. Tickets to Leave




Buzzmath homework assignments must be completed by midnight on the due date given; I will not be taking any late assignments. Some of these assignments may be counted as quiz grades.


Please make sure you follow the due dates and complete the correct assignments listed by midnight on the due date. Also, please note the date that each set of assignments were sent to keep track of the assignments.


To find the assignments, click the arrow in the bottom right hand of the “My Teacher’s Assignments” box labeled “view my assignments”. If no assignments show up, click on the drop down menu and choose the year 2017-2018.


Due Friday, 11/3 (sent on 9/15)

  1. Introducing Scientific Notation
  2. Representing Numbers in Scientific Notation and Standard Notation
  3. Performing Operations with Scientific Notation


Due Friday, 11/17 (sent on 11/4):

  1. Input/Output Tables
  2. Completing A Table Of Values With One Step
  3. Introducing Coordinate Grids
  4. Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Integers


Due Friday, 12/1 (sent on 11/6):

  1. Representing Situations As Tables Of Values
  2. Representing Situations As Tables Of Values (Using One Operation)
  3. Graphing Proportional Relationships