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 This webpage is intended to help our First Grade Families enjoy all that is going on in our classroom. 
We are a busy bunch, so check back often and please be gentle on us if something changes or needs to be updated!

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We are in the final weeks of school!  There is so much going on that I wanted to send this list to help with some of the details. 

SOUTH PARK PICNIC:  The South Park Picnic is on Friday, May 25.  Permission slips and money for the bus are due Tuesday, May 22.    Lunch is served there at NO COST to the parents; the menu was sent home on the information sheet with the permission slips on Wed., May 16. First grade students need to wear ORANGE that day to help us quickly spot them at any time in the park.


Wednesday, May 16 - Picnic lunch on the plaza.
Friday, May 18 - 11:30 am dismissal
Tuesday, May 22 - Last Scholastic book order due online or to Mrs. Lackner. South Park Picnic Permission form & bus money due!
Wednesday, May 23 - Spelling & Reading Quiz; spelling activities due
Thursday, May 24 - BIG End of School Raffle
Friday, May 25 - South Park Picnic; graded math test to be turned in BEFORE leaving for park
Wednesday, May 30 - First grade summer birthdays celebration
Friday, June 1 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! School end mass in the main church at 9:10 am. 11:30 am dismissal.

Students will continue bringing home M.O.N.K.E.Y. folders.  They are to bring it back to school every day.  Your homework will be to sign it each Thursday night on the parent signature line so I can be sure they are remembering to share their assignments with you.  I will continue to us the homework hotline.

 School kids


The students are learning about the gift of the Holy Spirit which Jesus gave to us.  We will next learn about the sacraments.

Language Arts

In reading, we are working on skills of main ideas, details, and the plot of stories and writing.  In grammer, we are working on verbs that tell about now and verbs that happened in the past.  Spelling activities continue and we are working on long vowel sounds that are made with combinations of letters outside of the common vowel-consonent-silent e pattern. 

In reading corner, we are reading Ralph S. Mouse.  The students will also be taking the Diocesan writing assessment this week. 


We are working on money and counting coins. Please ask your child regularly to identify coins and their value.  We sort coins by value from greatest to least and we count up to get the total. Please encourage them to practice these skills as well as counting by 5s and 10s.

Just as flash cards never go out of style, either does studying addition and subtraction fact.  While we are done with addition & subtraction as units, please help and encourage your children to add speed to their understanding as they compute these facts.  Flash cards are all the rage!  You can even get some free flash card as well as math fact apps for tablets and ipods.  If it gets them doing math, I am all for it!  

Some math apps that I have tried and are FREE include Math Master, Kids Math Advanced (includes a free and paid version), and RazorSmart lite.  Should you find one you like, let me know and I will be happy to share it.

Social Studies

We are tying learning about the summer olympics in with reading through a book available on the raz-kids web site.


The students will continue to type their Abulita interviews to present a published copy.  They have also been introduced to the raz-kids web site which gives them books to read which are targeted to their individual readiness level.

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