Homework Happenings

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This is our source for information on homework & projects assigned in our first grade classroom. Please do know that while this is the intended homework for the week, sometimes there are unexpected changes.  I ask that you refer to your child's assignment folder or St. Anne's homework hotline (412-561-7720 x33) for daily notes.

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January 23-27

The students are still working on Book It.  They have to complete 20 segments of 15 minutes of reading and mark the calendar, returning it to school February 1.  I do not wory much about how the segments are completed, as long as the students are reading, reading, reading.  Should they miss the weekend and read for 30 minutes each of 2 other nights, that still counts as 4 in my book! 
The "book report" for January includes 2 mittens on which the students are to include details of 2 books they have read.  Any books, any genre.  They are to complete, color, and cut the mittens returning them to school on January 27 when we will hang them. 
The students have graded math homework on subtraction due on Tuesday, January 24.
Parents, your homework is to begin signing the student's M.O.N.K.E.Y folder each Thursday night for the week. 
Still have questions? Please email Mrs. Lackner at mrs.lackner@verizon.net.