Wonderful Websites & Other Tips

Websites for Parents & Students

Check back as I will add links that I find useful for you and your student.

First in Math

Online math resource for grades K to 8.

Spelling City

Check back each week to take practice quizzes and play games with the current units' spelling words.  On the website, click "Find a list" along the top of the page and search for "Lackner."


Enjoy games and videos all developed to help children understand the importance of following rules for safe Internet use.


Great resources for kids which can be downloaded to a computer and used offline.  Includes TuxPaint, award winning open source drawing software for kids, and TuxTyping, an exciting open source program to learn typing through lessons and game play.


Interactive online activites from Illuminations an activity and lesson site presented by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Excellent activities and games designed to reinforce and extend lessons and skills and to enrich thinking.


A web site dedicated to educational games involving all skill areas for kids in grades K through 5.  The students have enjoyed them and Apple, The New York Times, Disney Family Fun Magazine and Fox News have featured ABCya.com’s award-winning games and apps.

Dance Mat Typing

A fun way for kids to learn proper fingering and skills for typing.


A division of Poptropica that adds fun and internet games to learning.

Online Math Flashcards

Factmonster.com offers online math flashcard practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a combination of addition & subtraction. 




Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium's Animals and Exhibits

Click on an area within the zoo to learn more about the animals living right in our City.

National Geographic for Kids

Explore this wonderful resource and to reach information about animals, click the link, "Animals and Pets."

Animal Planet

Click "Wild Animals" and find fantastic information about different animals.



Additional math games

Counting by tens and ones

Counting by 5s and 10s

Addition Bubbles


Grouping by tens and ones

Telling time game - Primarygames.com

Telling time to the half hour



Tips for Parents & Students

How to know a book is JUST RIGHT?

A common and simple way to determine if a book is right is to use the "five finger rule."  This can be done by picking up a book and reading any page or two in the book.  Each time the reader comes to a hard word or struggles with it, he/she puts up one finger.  If in a page or two, the reader puts up all five fingers, the book is likely too difficult to be read independently.  If the reader puts up no or just one fingers, the book is likely too easy and not a challenge.