Mrs. Ashley LaMar began her career in education in 2012 teaching 5th grade in the Charlotte County School District in Charlotte County, FL.  She is a Certified Reading Instructor and is also the Instructional Technology Leader for her site, helping teachers infuse technology into their teaching to maximize student learning.  Mrs. LaMar attended Edison State College where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in primary education. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in primary education through the University of South Florida. 

She is married and currently has a Chihuahua named Tebow.  Her dream vacation would be a trip to Greece so she could explore the country's ancient history.

Parents, please feel free to contact Mrs. LaMar at any time to discuss your child's progress, class projects, class events, parties or holidays, or with any questions by e-mail or you may call the classroom at (941) 555-5555 during her free period from 11:15am - 12:00pm. 

A few of her favorite things are:

Color - Blue                                                                                           Food - Fruit                                                                                        Sport - Baseball

Subject - Reading                                                                                Flower - Lily                                                                                       Movie - Cinderella Man