Give Me Liberty Persuasive Speeches

Students will watch the following video and review the concepts of persuasive speeches.  Students will identify use of vocal inflection and emotion in speeches.  Students will then identify their favorite symbol of America (Bald Eagle, American Flag, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument, etc) and prepare a persuasive speech to convince classmates to vote for their favorite symbol.  We will watch this speech, review persuasive speaking, and prepare our own speeches, in class beginning on April 15, 2012.

Speeches will be presented in class on April 23, 2012. I will record student speeches and upload them here for parental review.



Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcements

Our class is going to tackle a big issue next month and we're ready! We've been focusing all year on how to be a good friend to others and how to be a good steward in society. We've discussed the Golden Rule and we've learned how to appreciate each others differences. Now we are ready to pass this great knowledge on to others so we are going to be creating Anti-Bullying PSA's.  Parents, ask your children about this project. We've been looking forward to it all year long.  On May 17th we will be visited by a special guest from the Charlotte County Sheriff's office who will be speaking to our class about bullying, if you would like to visit our class that day to join in this presentation please contact me and we will make arrangements. 

If you would like to preview this project please check out our WebQuest on QuestGarden.