Spelling Contract

Weekly Spelling Contract

Total Point Turning in: ______

Directions:Read the choices below to decide what activities you would like to complete.  You may choose any combination of activities as long as they add up to 100 points.  When you choose an activity make sure to write the name of the activity on the top of you paper.  All activities must have student’s full name, date and student number in the top right corner.  Spelling Contracts are due FRIDAY morning and no later!  You will need to staple all of your work to this contract to get a grade.  Circle each activity you choose on this page and don’t forget your parents must sign the bottom.  Have Fun!
*Some activities will require a parent to send a note saying work was completed.*
25 Point Activities:

1.     Divide each spelling word into syllables.

2.    I Spy:  Draw a picture and hide your words inside.

3.    Write your words in ABC order.

4.    Take a practice test with a parent and have them grade it.  (Parent signature required on test)

5.    Write your words in order from longest word to shortest word and then shortest word to longest.

6.    Write each word 5 times in cursive.

7.    Write sentences using your words, underline the words, and include no more than 2 spelling words per sentence.

8.    Choose 3 spelling words and make as many words as you can out of each.  Don't combine all the letters from all 3 words.  Take one word and make as many words out of it, then go on to your next spelling word and do the same.

9.    Look up each word in the dictionary and write the guide words for each.

50 Point Activities:

1.     Cut letters (not words) from a magazine or newspaper and glue them on a paper to spell your words.

2.    Use graph paper to create a word search puzzle using all of the words from the list. Be sure to add an answer key.

3.    Make a picture dictionary using your words:  Make a book out of paper, each page can show all the words that go with that letter, an illustration, and a definition.  You may also choose to use a different page for each word.  As long as you have done all your words in the correct ABC order, its fine.

4.    Write a story using all your words.  It must be at least 30 sentences long and your words must be underlined.  (All sentences must be complete) By signing this contract, you are agreeing to do work each week with your spelling words that equal 100 points.  Contract work is due EVERY FRIDAY without fail.  If school is not to be held on a certain Friday, the work will automatically be due on Thursday.   

Student Signature                           Number                         Date
Parent  Signature                                                             Date