First Day Of School

School Supply List:


1 (1 ½”) binder (any color)

1 box of page protectors (25)

1 box of snack/quart/gallon ziplock bags

1 container of baby wipes

1 wrapped unisex birthday gift ($5 or less)


These are the basic school supplies for the four year old classes.  I do not anticipate any other needs, except refills for baby wipes.  We will wash our hands many times, but frequently use baby wipes when we are on the playground to keep faces & hands clean.  Brand name wipes are not necessary because we go through them fairly quickly, especially during cold/flu season. 

With 16 children in our class, we will do our very best to keep our hands & faces clean.


Please label all of your child’s supplies, except the birthday gift, before bringing them in.  We will place all birthday gifts in a large container and allow the birthday boy/girl to select one on his/her special day. 


Please may bring your supplies when you visit our classroom next week or on the first day of school.