about me...

i am a teenager. but i give lesson plans to my 3 younger brother and sisters. i make my own work. i am in 9th grade.maybe i can teach your kids to! i have 2 twins sisters, 11 in jan. and then i have a brother, turning 10 in feb.

i want to be a teacher when i grow up, but i also want to be a salon designer or whatever when you do hair and nails and makeup and stuff and i also want to be a clothes desginer. : )

i love teacher with my little sisters and brothers. it helps me bond with them. 

um i have a HUGE family. i have a dad, mom, stepmom, step brother, step sister, half sisters, but i am so close to them, that i dont really go for the whole half/ and step. so all together there is a total of 12 people in my family!  9 kids and 3 adults. 9+3=12

um my mom is about 37, my dad is 37, my step mom is like 34, my older sister is 17, my second oldest sister is 16, i am 15, my step sister is 15. we are 6 weeks apart. but i am the older one. :) haha i always teese her about that. my 2 twins sisters are 11, my step brother is 11 or 10, my yongest brother is 10.and then my baby sister is 1 years old. 

-anjelica laynne dobbins.