about my students

so if you read about me.i am not a REAL teacher.

i am a teenager. and i teach my little brothers and sisters. why not? i have learned all the stuff they learned. um so one of them is my youngest brother, his name is zachery.he is in 4th grade he is 10. well about to be 10 feb. 12th. well he is pretty smart for his age. 



then i have my 2 twin sisters.

i will explain one of them. there is alyssa she is 11. she is super smart. she is in 5th grade. have you ever watched the show is a 5th grader smarter then you? or whatever, well sometimes i think she can out smart me. :) she is always on task. always has her homework in. 


so the other twin is kaitlyn. she is a cutie. she is 11. she is in the 5th grade. she can be on task sometimes she wonders into day dream land. everyone does tho. haha she is really smart. i like teaching with them!


i cant figure out how to put pictures on here, but once i find out i will have them up as soon as possible.