the work

we have:

math: we do it everyday, for about 20 mins. we also have this thing called "all day math" when all we do for 3 hours is math. but i cheat and we dont do it for 3 hours. when do it for about 2 hours and then for the other hour we do art.

writing: we have spelling test and cursive and things like that. i will eventually have printouts up on here for your child to printout, so if he/she was absent. or something.

science: for science.we dont really do science that makes. once inĀ  a while. if we have a field trip coming up, depending on the field trip we have a week to learn about science. like we have the field trip "nature" comming up. and ya.

social studies: once in a blue moon

art: we do lots of things in art. we have it everyday.

field trips: there is like 5 of them.