Tentative MCAS Schedule

The following dates are the possible testing dates for 4th grade MCAS.  Please note that the administrative team has not finalized the dates and therefore this is just a window of possible testing dates.  Please try not to schedule any family vacations during this time!   As soon as finalized dates are available I will post them.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Date                            Test                                                     Grade                   Sessions 

            March 24 – April 12    ELA                                                    4                                  3


            March 23                     ELA Composition Sessions A & B    4                                  2

            (one day only)


            April 7                         ELA Comp. Makeup                          4                                  2

            (one day only)


            May 10 - May 27        Math                                                    3,4, 5                           2



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