In first grade we start learning the spelling rules.  Each week we will have a new set of words to work on that are all centered around the same rule.

We practice the words in class each day.  Since all children learn differently...some need to see it, some need to hear it, and some need to add action...we use a variety of spelling activities each week.

1.  See it/Say it/Write it:  This is a good way to practice at home, but it does not hold our interest long...we are first graders after all!

2.  See it/Say it:  This is a good activity for visual learners.  We look at the word and practice visualizing it in our head and then spell it out loud.

3.  See it/Say it/Act it:  The class really likes this activity!  We will look at the word and spell it out loud as we do some kind of action with each letter...rock star (air guitar), cheerleader (one hand on hip and punch the air), alligator (make a mouth with arms and open and close on each letter), etc.

4.  See it/Say it/Clap it:  I usually save this activity for later in the year because it requires more than one skill and can be difficult for beginning first graders.  We look at the word, say it and then clap each letter...over the head for tall letters (b, d, l, k, etc.), at the chest for short letters (m, o, r, s, etc.) and at the knee for monkey tail letters (p, q, g, j, etc). 

Here I have listed the spelling words for the year.  Each list has a title that can be used at www.spellingcity.com to retrieve the list and practice the words.  Spellingcity.com is a site for elementary children that allows them to use the computer to practice their list by playing games, creating puzzles and taking quizzes. 

 8/15-8/17 kidlist1 at, bat, mat, cat, fat, sat, rat, that, slat, flat