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Classroom reading program:


We are using the McGraw-Hill Reading Treasure program.  This program allows us to teach a whole group lesson that focuses on grade level skills.  In our whole group lesson everyone is reading the same story.  This allows us to focus on a skill in phonics, comprehension, fluency, etc. and everyone gets the same information regardless of reading level.





The program also has leveled readers that we use in our small group lessons.  During a small group lesson 4-6 students come to the reading table and read a book on their reading level.  This allows me to reinforce skills on each students reading level whether it is approaching grade level, at grade level or above grade level.






High Frequency Words:


As adult readers we do not have to sound out every word we read.  This is because we have memorized most words we read by sight.  This is what allows us to read quickly and with a high level of comprehension.  Although the focus at the beginning of first grade is sounding out words (decoding) we quickly move to a more automatic form of reading that requires us to memorize what we call high frequency words...words that we use a lot in reading.  This helps us to move to comprehension quickly.  It is hard to understand what you are reading if you have to stop and sound out 5 out 7 words in a sentence. 

Since a high level of fluency, reading quickly and accurately,  and comprehension is our goal it is only natural for us to memorize a list of words and read books that use those words a lot to allow us to practice using them.  Below you will find the list of high frequency words that your child must memorize in order to achieve that high level of fluency and comprehension.  These words are practiced daily and tested weekly.  They are tested both in flash card form as well as in context (in a book or sentence).


 8/15-8/17 The Little Red Hen little, red, no, help, yes


Home Reading Program:


Every year we challenge all of our first graders to read 100 books to someone in their home.  Last year when everyone in first grade read 100 books they got to see all the teachers have a water balloon fight.  On their way to 100 books your child can earn rewards:

                                                                                                              10 books-KID Pencil





25 books-Reward Ribbon





                                                                                                                                50 books-Bumper Sticker





75 books-Reward Bracelet





                                                                                                    100 books-I Read 100 Books T-Shirt





Every time your child reads a book to someone (a book from home, a library book or even their reading book) you need to log it on their list.  I will keep track of the books and give them their rewards as they earn them.  We also have a little award ceremony when we pass them out and the whole class celebrates their friend's achievement.  Your child's reading log is in the back of their School/Home journal.  If your child loses their journal, do not dispair!!  Simply write the books on a piece of paper and send it to school in their homework folder.