Mrs. Leits 5th Grade Bright Lights

Welcome to Our Class Website!

I am very excited about this year! I know that we are going to have a wonderful year that will be filled with learning and growing from the students as well as from me, your teacher.

Our classroom theme is BRIGHT LIGHTS! We will be striving to be shining examples and leaders in our everyday lives.


This website is for YOU!

Please use it to help you with your homework or projects in class. Check it regularly as I will be posting every homework assignment and discriptions of what we will be doing in each subject. We will use this website as a startign point for many assingments and activites througout the year. Please become familiar with it and ask me any questions!

 I  hope you will find this website a helpful resource in helping you to grow and become a bright light every day!


This website was designed with you in mind. Here you can check in to see what your student is doing in class. You will find postings of daily homework assingments and what projects or interesting things we are doing in class. If you acces the Mrs. Leitz page you will find all of the contact infromation that you need to get ahold of me. Please know that I am open to listen to any concern. I hope this webpage helps us communicate effectively and allows us to be partners in your students education.