August 1st, 2012


Writing Station- Prepare for the midterm Writing Test

Writing Practice

Speaking Station- Prepare for the midterm Speaking Test

Speaking Practice


Reading Station-

Open your text book to page 90-91 and read the story “El Teatro Colon: Entre Bambalinas and complete the attach worksheet with your peers when finished reading.




Listening Station-

Audio Act. 6 page 38

Audio Act. 7 page 39

Audio Act. 8 page 40


Practice Workbook Station: Pages 44-46


Vocabulary Station-

Click on the link for practice Vocabulary 1, Vocabulary 2

Click here for a list of your vocabulary word list: Capitulo 2 Vocabulario


Grammar Stations-

Click on the links for practice:  Reflexive Verbs, Ser & Estar



Go to this website and practice for your test….

Test Review