Star of the Month

 "Star of the Month"

Schedule and Information

        May Stars- Alayna and Ian (pictures coming soon)       

**Our new friends were added to the Star of the Month list. 

1. September- Introduction to Star of the Month

2. October- Maddy

3. November- Delaney

4. December- skipped due to Winter Break and Holiday Program Practice

5. January- Drew

6. February- Gabby

7. March- Aidan

8. April- Cali, Ava

9. May- Ian, Alayna

“Star of the Month” is an activity in which the children share special information about themselves.  This activity gives the children a chance to practice speaking to a group by presenting their favorite things and facts about themselves.  The rest of the class or the audience learns about “what a question is”.  Then they use these skills to ask the “Star of the Month” questions about themselves and their poster.  The Star will complete a poster which I will give them that shares this information.  I will hand out the poster a week before the child’s special month.  The poster will ask questions about themselves that they will answer with parent help.  The posters will go home and are a project to complete with their family.  The children are encouraged to draw pictures, write and add photographs to the poster.  Your child will receive the poster 1-2 weeks before their month to take home and work on. Please send the poster back with your child sometime the first week of your child’s month.

Not only do the children create a poster to share but all month they can choose from the special activities below for their “Star of the Month.”

·         Bring in something special from home to share or show the class.

·         A parent volunteer can come in and read a story to the class.

·         The child can lead a short activity or share a book with the class.

·         The child can bring in a favorite C.D. with a favorite song to share, sing and dance with the class.

·         Feel free to share any other great ideas you may have to celebrate your child’s “Star of the Month.”