Lesson Plans

Week : Oct. 16-20


Language Arts (7th Grade) 

Monday ~ Field trip to OMSI

Tuesday ~ Read Amigo Bros. and talk about story elements. 

Wednesday ~ Finish Amigo Bros.  (Setting, Character, etc.) 

Thursday ~ Do Voice and "Show not Tell handout 

Friday ~ Review Possessive S and do Quizlet Live.


Language Arts (8th Grade) 

Monday ~ Watch Fables and do STRONG WIND fable with text box answers. 

Tuesday ~ 1/2 FT, 1/2 watch Malificent!

Wednesday ~ Look at expectations for short answer, redo if needed. 

Thursday ~Photo Analysis of Loo-Witt and share out. (Start Loo-Wit) 

Friday ~ Review Possessive S and collective nouns. Quizlet Live


Reading Class 

Monday ~ Readlive/FT

Tuesday ~Data/DI 

Wednesday ~ Read Works

Thursday ~ Read Live

Friday ~ Six Min. Solution and RL!


Creative Writing 

Monday ~ Field Trip 

Tuesday ~ Inventerprise Build 

Wednesday ~ Inventerprise or start Jig Saw 

Thursday ~ Jig Saw

Friday ~ Inventerprise due!!!