Classwork for:

Thursday, September 16

Make sure to bring permission form for "Their Eyes: A View from a High School at Ground Zero" in by Monday! You need this in order to participate in the activities. 

Wednesday, September 15 

"I am" Poems must be finished! Using the rough draft you created, transfer it to colored paper. Hand-written, typed, anything goes! Make it creative!

Notebook Check: On Wednesday, come to class with an organized notebook - dividers, papers, and up to date bellwork. This is a small classwork grade!

Friday, August 27

Decorate! Using the mission statement you have created, make it unique. Use colored paper, crayons, markers, crayons, glitter, etc., and make it as personal and creative as you would like. Show us who you are!

Thursday, August 26

Brainstorm your short term, long term, and personality goals. Make a list of each on a sheet of paper.

Once you have your list, choose the MOST important things to you. Begin writing your own personal mission statement. It must be between one and four sentences.