Extra Credit

Extra Credit Option #1

Book Brief: Choose one of the "classic" novels that we have in our class library. Read it, and then write a book brief following the format and requirements on this page.


1.     Use 12 point font, double-spaced

2.     Use subheadings for each section of the book brief in your typed paper.

3.     The following will be the sections of the project and the minimum length of each:

a.    Brief summary of the novel (1 page)

b.   Theme of the fiction: What do you think is the underlying message, moral or main idea? (1/2 page)

c.   Characteristics and motivations of one main character in complete sentences (1 page)

d. Personal evaluation (Cite example from the text that support your opinion) (1/2 page)

e. New Vocabulary  - choose a minimum of five words you have learned from reading this book and provide a definition (1/2 page)

f.    Your favorite quote from the book and explanation (1/2 page)



Extra Credit Option #2

Review. Go see a play, musical concert, or "literary-based" movie. Write a one page review of it and include a ticket stub. In your review, summarize what it was that you saw, and write about whether or not you liked/enjoyed it. You must explain your reasoning.