As you may already know, 4th grade is a VERY Important Year, since we will be taking not only Math & Reading FCAT, but also a Writing FCAT Test called the Florida Writes. This page can help you see many skills as well as sample prompts and Sample Essays writing by students as well as teacher. There are also websites which teach writing skills and the writing process. Enjoy & Happy Writing!!!!



A figure of speech in which things that are different are compared by the use of the words like or as.
A figure of speech in which is similar to a simile, but does NOT use the words like or as to compare.
Writing which gives non human objects human qualities.

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PRINTABLE ACTIVITY (Similes and Metaphors)

(Simile VS. Metaphor)








(All 3 elements)


(Similes and Metaphors)

An expression that does not mean what it literally says, like "You’re driving me up a wall".
The repetition of a sound
at the beginning of two or more neighboring words.

An exaggeration
The naming of a thing or action by imitation of natural sounds.
Example: BUZZ or HISS










(Alliteration game)






A play on words that relies on a word's having more than one meaning or sounding like another word.
An anagram is a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters in another word or phrase.
An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two opposing or contradictory ideas, such as “pretty ugly".
A palindrome is a word or phrase that can be read forward or backwards.
By David Lubar









Sample Narrative Prompts & Essays

A Narrative Prompt asks the writer to write to tell a story about someone or something. It may be fictional or made up.

Sample Prompt #1

Everyone has gone on a School Field Trip. Think about a time you went on a school field trip. Write to tell about the time you went on a school field trip.

Sample Essay #1

The Best Day

          Whoopi!!!! Today September 21, 2009 my 4th grade class and I are going on the

most spectacular class field trip, to the Miami Seaquarium. That’s what I told my

parents when I got up this morning. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and

eagerly dresses and ate a scrumptious breakfast. I was so excited my stomach jumped

 as I got on the bus. When we approached the school, I noticed that all my friends

were waiting for me to get off the bus so we can discuss what we were going to do at

the park. We talked about the Whale Expedition and the Shark Tank as the bell rang

and we went inside. We went into the classroom and the terrific teacher took

attendance. We paraded to the bus and were on our way to the park.          

As we arrived at the park the smell of the salt water tanks tickled my nose and I could

not wait to get inside. We walked into the park and slowly listened as our teacher

gave us schedules and instructions to where we had to meet for lunch and at what

time. As she finished this tedious task we got our papers and were on our way. We

decided to do the Whale Expedition first. Splash! They were so amazing as they swam

in their tanks with such slickness and grace it blew our breaths away. Then we

watched the trainers feed them. Yum! Next we visited the Sea Lions and laughed as

they performed their funny acts. Finally we went to the very scary and dangerous

Shark Tanks. We watched them eat tiny helpless fish without any remorse. We felt

terrible for the baby fish.         

  It was then time for lunch. So we met up with out class at the food court. We were

allowed to buy delicious treats at the food court, and the delightful aromas filled the air

as we sat and ate our lunches. Mrs. Smith then announced that we were being given

20 minutes, to stop at the gift shop for a souvenir.          

 It was finally time to board the bus and head back to school. We were tired from the

exciting day but glad to go at the same time. As we sat back and enjoyed the peaceful

trip back to school, I  thought back to the wonderfully educational day we had just had

 and was glad to see that we learned so many great things on our class field trip.  


Sample Prompt #2 

Everyone has gotten good news. Think about a time you got good news. Now write to tell about the time you got good news.

Sample Essay #2

The Stormy Sunday         

   Getting good news is something everyone enjoys. I know it gets me in high spirits to hear that something positive  is taking place, but the best news I have ever gotton, was that I had passed my teaching state exam, and was going to become a Teacher. Let me tell you the story from the beginning.         

    It all started on a gloomy, Saturday morning, I woke up to a horrifying storm, which sounded like the roof would cave in. The sheets of rain fell upon the roof in loud thuds, and the window rattled with so much wind, it hurt my ears. I thought, “Today’s going to be a BAD day.” I strolled across the house in my pajamas, and socks and told myself I would stay home and do nothing today. I served myself a humongous bowl of cereal and sat down to watch, the Power Rangers Cartoons on channel 10. I was watching the Blue Ranger kick some weird monsters butt when the phone rang. “Hello?” I asked into the receiver. “Good morning sunshine!” My mom cheerily exclaimed into the phone. I remember thinking how horrible it was to be in such a good mood so early in the morning on such a crappy day. “Do I have some good news for you!” she said. “What’s up Ma?” I asked annoyed. “Your state exams came in the mail this morning, and you passed with a 98%!” she exclaimed with glee. “Woo Hoo.” I yelled into the phone. Rosco who was sleeping on the floor next to my feet jumped when I scared him. Laz just looked at me with a mournful expression and kept sleeping. “Mom that’s the best news ever. Thanks for calling! “I said.      

       I hung up the phone and started dancing around the room. I opened the front door and did a little two step in front of the house in the rain, (Just for fun). I was so overjoyed I started to call all my friends and family members just to let them in on the news. It was an awesome day after all.         

    I quickly got dresses and put on my rain gear. I headed straight out the door and into my car. Making sure I had my trusty credit card with me, because I was headed straight to Get Smart the best teacher store in town. I was going to buy a whole entire new set of educational things for my new classroom which I would be using in August when school started.

            For as long as I live, I will never forget that awfully wet and stormy day, which started off horribly but ended up being the day I got the best news of my life.


 Sample Prompt #3  

  Everyone has gone on a fun ride with someone else. Think about the time you went on a fun ride with someone. Now write to tell about the time you went on a ride with someone else.

The Scariest Ride Ever

        It was a sunny Sunday morning. The birds were chirping and singing right outside the window of my beautiful bedroom. It was a picturesque morning. The Dade County Youth Fair was in town and my family and I were scheduled to go that day. “Boom.” Went my bedroom door against the wall. “Get up Jenny.” My brother Louie squealed in his most annoying voice. “We are going to the Fair!” “ I know dimwit.” I replied, angry he had interrupted my thoughts. “Get dressed and come down stairs, we are waiting for you,”  he said, as he hopped out of the room(Leaving the door wide open like always).

 I stood up, slammed it shut, and dressed. I couldn’t wait to go to the fair. When we walked in the brass doors of the Fair, I saw it. The Double Looper. My biggest nightmare. It’s colossal loops and turns  were a big hamsters cage. People who were riding it, screamed and yelled and it looked like they were going to fall right out of it and splat on the ground like mashed potatoes. I began to look queasy and a little confused, when Mike and Louie both yelled in unison, “lets ride it.” “No way Jose!” I answered. “What a big fat chicken!”They teased. “You’re not so tough after all!”  “Yeah”, Louie cried. “She’s a Scared Cat.” “No I’m not!” “I’ll show you!” I said without thinking. What had I done? Before I knew it I was in line waiting to ride the scariest ride ever. Mike, Louie, and I sat in the same row and the attendant strapped us in. My legs dangled, and Mike yelled, “Your going to Die Sucker!” I felt my heart skip a beat, and looked as white as a sheet of paper. The ride took off and I closed my eyes. I felt the car take an accelerating plunge and before I could take a peek, I felt it taking us up, down, side to side and oh no, I thought, we were about to go up side down! Mike said, “Mommy!!!!!” Louie scream, “Holly Cow, get me down from here!!!” I just sucked it up and closed my eyes.

My brain was upside down, and I could feel the chain I usually wore around my neck, on my face which meant, we were still upside down. This was not as bad as I thought. It felt like if I were upside down on my sofa at home, the way I sometimes did when I watched T.V. It was colossal! As the ride came to a halting stop,

I looked to the side to see Mike crying and Louie looking as green as the grass.
        “That was remarkable!” I yelled as we got back to where our parents stood waiting for us. “Let’s do it again!”  “No way Jose cried Louie.” “I don’t think so,” yelped Mike. “Ha ha ha. Not so tough!” I answered in disbelief. Knowing that I had been terrified to try that ride and it turned out to be a fun ride after all.
        From that day on, I told myself, that no matter how scary something seemed or how afraid I was to try something new, I would try it at least once. Who knows, I might actually like it. It could also turn out to be a scary thing like it was for Mike and Louie, but at least I could say I tried.

The End!!!


Sample Expository Prompts & Essays

Expository Prompts ask you to write to explain something. It is usually a non-fictional essay which you have expirenced first hand. At times you may have to make it up, which makes the Essay Realistic Fiction.

Expository Prompt Sample #1

Being Healthy is an important part of life. Think of reasons why being healthy is important. Write to explain why being healthy is important and things you can do to be healthy.

Expository Essay Sample #1

Can you imagine being so sick that as soon as you step out doors your immune systems starts to crumble? Believe it or not, there are thousands, maybe even millions of unhealthy people out there. Being healthy is a gift that allows us to enjoy the good things in life, like seeing the world, or getting a magnificent education. There are many ways to stay healthy and here are just a few. To be healthy, you must get a balanced meal, stay away from smoking and drugs, and visit the doctor regularly.


        Your body is like a machine, which needs the proper fuel to function. Just like putting gas in your car you must give your body a well balanced meal at least three times a day. If you stick to the Food Pyramid, you can get the things you need to achieve this goal. Stay away from junk food such as potato chips, soda, and pizza. They make you slow and fat. Stick to eating healthy foods such as pretzels, carrots, jello, and yogurt, and you’ll be on the fast track to good health.


        Doing drugs and smoking, is a sure way to be unhealthy. Stay away from things like this. They make you smell like a smoky chimney and turn your lungs as black as coal. If you smoke your teeth will turn disgustingly yellow and your breath will stink like a skunk. Doing drugs and smoking can lead to health issues such as cancer and lung disease. They can ultimately kill you.


        Another good way to stay healthy is to go to the doctor regularly. Getting regular doctor checkups and physicals can prevent you from getting ill. Doctors can check your weight and make sure it correlates with your height and age. They can check your blood sugar and inform you of any issues you may have with your intake of a certain food. They can even help you prevent getting simple colds or flu’s by prescribing vitamins, which help keep you healthy.

         Some of the best ways to stay healthy are really easy to follow. Just stick to the basics. Exercise or ride your bike with friends. Eat the right kinds of food, and stay away from junk. Go to the doctor and follow his or her directions to making you a healthier person, and you will  be on the fast track to good health.  



Expository Prompt Sample #2

Everyone likes to be in charge. Think of what it would be like to be in charge of your classroom for one day. Write to tell what it would be like to be in charge of your classroom for one day.

 The Day I was in Charge

     Holly Cow! Today my principal stopped me in the hallway when I was on my way to breakfast to tell me that I would be in charge of the class for the day. It so happens that my teacher was in a horrible car accident, and he needs me to cover for her. My stomach jumped at the thought of being in charge of the class.  It will be difficult, but I would have to get complete control of my students, teach them a lengthy math lesson, and finally have them write a boring expository essay. I know these tasks will be hard but someone’s got to do them. “Break a leg”, said Mr. Bello wishing me good luck.


            Ok so I get to the PE shelter to pick up the class, and what do I see?  The class in a total uproar. “Get up lets go.” I yell. “I’m in charge for the day.” “Yeah right.” They all yell in unison. “She’s right.” Yells Mr. Bello. “If she even tells me you were not listening, you will all be suspended.” Their Jaws dropped in disbelief.” They got up and gathered all their belongings. We walked to the 3rd floor of building D in total silence as the principle watched from afar. “I’ll be in to check on you!” He cried. They walked into the classroom and sat down. It was as if I wasn’t there and the real teacher was. They wrote down their homework, and got their things ready for the math lesson.


            “Open to chapter 21!” They all obliged and I was teaching fractions in the nick of time. I called out questions, and they answered in a jiffy. I assigned problems to be done on the board, and they all raised their hands to let me know they volunteered. It was a teachers dream come true and I was in heaven. As the time passed and the math lesson lingered, one of my students raised his hand to let me know it was writing time. That meant it was a disaster waiting to happen.“Oh no!” I thought! I am not the best writer in the world.


            I organized my students once more and told them to take out their writing notebooks. All the while thinking, “What would my teacher do?” They did it as fast as lightning. I guess Mr. Bello’s warning was great after all. I taught the elements of writing and some tips on how to take their papers from a 4 to a 5, and from a 5 to a 6. They were all getting it. I was amazed and bewildered all at the same time. The time flew by and the lunch bell rang. I lined up the class and got them ready for lunch, when I heard a knock at the blue metal door. It was Mrs. Kess, the substitute. I was saved by the knock on the door. She was here to take over the class. I gladly gave her control and got in my place in line.


            All in all being in charge of a class is not all I thought it would be. It was a whole lotta work. I had to control the class, teach them a lengthy math lesson, and teach them a boring expository writing lesson. I’m glad that substitute showed up because I don’t know how much longer I could have kept up that charade. Think about what it would be like for you to be in charge of your class for a day and explain it to me.

             The next time my teacher gets into a horrible car accident, I hope my principal does not ask me to take over the class again. 


Expository Prompt Sample #3

Everyone has an activity they enjoy doing outside. Think about an activity you enjoy doing outside. Now write to explain why you enjoy that activity.

Expository Essay Sample #3

When I’m asked to think of one activity I enjoy doing outside, tons come to mind. Swimming, walking, gardening, or football are all activities I enjoy doing outside. Now since I have to choose just one it would have to be walking. Walking is an activity I enjoy for many reasons, but the three main reasons are, it relaxes me, I get some alone time, and I get to hear my favorite books on tape. Walking outside is amazingly awesome!


          I love some well deserved R & R, especially after a long day at school. That’s why walking is an activity I greatly enjoy doing outside. When I get home from work, drained from dealing with my 4th graders all day all I want is some relaxing down time. I don’t want to talk to my husband, or listen to Destiny complain about her day. I just want to take a long brisk walk through the neighborhood and relax. When I get back home I am so relaxed I can hear about everyone’s day.


          Being all by myself may sound lonely to some people, and there are people who HATE being alone, but I really enjoy it. I love having a few minutes to myself and being able to reflex on my day, what I did, didn’t do, and how it could have been better. This is another reason walking outside is an activity I enjoy. I love it when I change into my walking gear and take in the fresh evening air, and just enjoy my evening  walk.


          Reading takes my breath away. I can read a whole book in three days, and I love to read all the time. That’s another reason walking is an activity I enjoy doing outside. Unfortunately I can’t hold up a book, walking around the block, and read at the same time, so I go to the library and get wonderful books on tape. They are novels or mysteries, or even horror stories. I love to listen to the author tell me a delightful tale as I am walking around my neighborhood. It takes my mind to faraway places and makes me relax.

                 relAll in all, walking is absolutely, supercalifragulistichbalidocious in my book. I love to walk, because it relaxes me, I get some alone time, after being with people all day long, and finally I get time to listen to my favorite tales on a book on tape. These are all great reasons as to why I choose walking as an activity I enjoy doing outside. So grab an IPod, your walking gear, and join me in my favorite activity to do outside.