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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Project

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Project Requirements

Project Due Date:  

  Information on Dr. Kings Childhood and family background


·        Where was he born?


·        Did he have siblings?


·        What did his parents do?

·        Were his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents slaves?

       Educational Background


·        Where did he live as a child?


·        Where did he live as a teenager?


·        Where did he live as an adult?


  ·        Where did he go to grade school, high school, college, graduate school? 


     Adult person life information


 ·        Who was his wife, children, family members, and friends, & where did they live?     



·        What did he contribute to the Civil Right Act/Movement


·        Copies of his famous speeched & Quotes


           ·        What legacies did he leave behind 


        Information on his death


When and how he died

What you learned about him from this project   

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