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Constitutional Underpinnings--The Declaration of Independence


What did we do in class?

Monday 8/23:  Introductory Stations

Wednesday 8/25:  Independent Countries need a constitution--discussion of how and why we declared independence, colonial grievances, compromises made, and popular sovereignty

Friday 8/27:  Bell-ringer, Lecture/Discussion:  Systems and Types of Governments with review of homework reading, and begin reading of Brutus 1 with annotations 

Do We Have Homework (And when is it due!?)?

Monday 8/23:  Order AP Government book (link below).  Read pages 1 – 9 in AMSCO.  Annotate where necessary and create a list: 2 things I knew, 2 things I learned, 2 things I still have a question about.  Keep in notebook (this will be kept in your notebook until asked for) (DUE 8/25)

Wednesday 8/25:  Read AMSCO pgs. 9-16…create 2 things I knew, 2 things I learned, 2 things I still have questions about.  Keep in notebook (DUE 8/27)

Friday 8/27:   Finish Brutus 1 for homework. (DUE 8/31)

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