Economics & Government

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This Week in American Government

Executive Branch


What did we do in class?

Wednesday 10/28: How a Bill becomes a Law

Friday 10/30: Congress vocabulary and questions wrap-up

Wednesday 11/4:  Congress quiz and Begin the Executive Branch

Friday 11/6:  Powers of the President

Tuesday 11/10: Checks and Balances between the Executive Branch, Congress and the Judicial Branch (classwork)

Friday 11/13:  .  Begin the Bureaucracy--Pinterest assignment with vocabulary

Tuesday 11/17:  Review chart.  Review Executive Branch then Quiz:  Executive Branch

Thursday 11/19:  Discussion of the bureaucracy

Do we have homework?

10/30:  Flipgrid Assignment:  Create a Flipgrid video (  join code:  55b3769d) answering the prompt given.  This is due by MIDNIGHT on 11/3

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