Welcome to the Happy Room


Here you will find all kinds of helpful information about our class.  Assignments and daily classroom plans can be found by clicking on your class above.

On each page, you will find answers to the common questions (especially the ones you ask me when you were absent):  "What did we do in class?", "Do we have homework?", and "When is it due?"

Each page is equipped with one incredible tool...a link, JUST FOR YOU, to my shared drive.  This is where you will find handouts to download and print and things to read.  I will be working towards lowering my photocopy rate, so please visit our website after class to see if there is anything you need to download/print/do for homework.  

Below is a list of things that you need to have and know before walking into the Happy Room (aka 353/Mrs. Lowd's room).

Things to know:

  1. Be inside the room when the bell rings (if you're late, it's not pretty).
  2. I dismiss you, not the bell (the bell is merely there for my amusement).
  3. I DO NOT accept late work.  Your work must be turned in ON TIME.  
  4. Absences must be excused within 72 hours for the grade to go into the gradebook.
  5. Do not write in pencil unless we are taking a test on zipgrade sheets (I won't grade it if you do).
  6. Room 353 is a "no phone zone" so your phone will go in its respective pocket until the end of class (I promise by week 3 you won't notice you don't have it).
  7. Game devices will be confiscated and given to the nearest freshman (there are a ton of them in room 356).
  8. Respect each other.

Things to have:

  1. Pen, paper, and CHARGED tablet with you every day
  2. A sense of humor
  3. The ability to own the material we investigate
  4. Juniors:  A notebook with dividers (16--one per topic)
  5. Patience (Rome wasn't built in a day)

Looking forward to getting this party started.  Let's have a great year!!!