World History

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Week 1:  Learning the new platform

Week 2:  The Byzantine Empire

What did we do in class?


Tuesday 9/8:  We will watch this video and discuss it.  Discussion of the  5 Themes of Geography.  Assignment explanation:  Creating a digital scrapbook/passport book using google slides and GRAPES lenses in History.  Introduction to the Byzantine Empire word sort. THEN:  distribute key vocabulary with an explanation about key places, people, and events.  

Thursday 9/10:  

Thursday 9/10:  Byzantium vocabulary (see below) .  Use the document on Teams in the assignment to define each word below All definitions must be in your own words (If you fail to follow directions, you will earn a Z)

  1. Patriarch
  2. Autocrat
  3. Medieval
  4. Manor System
  5. Feudalism
  6. Papal Supremacy
  7. Mosaic
  8. Janizaries
  9. Canon Law
  10. heresy
  11. secular
  12. ex-communication
  13. iconoclast
  14. journeyman

Monday 9/14:    Reading together in class from your textbook on the portal.  While we read, you will be taking notes. Byzantium Identifications (due in class)

Wednesday 9/16:   Partner reading activity

Friday 9/18:  Introduction to the Middle Ages Vocabulary and Questions

Tuesday 9/22:  Review the reading and answer any questions.  Then we will discuss the differences between Christianity and Judaism

Thursday 9/24

Do We Have Homework (And when is it due!?)?

Tuesday 9/8:  Begin the 1st entry in your digital passport/scrapbook:  5 themes of Geography:  (DUE 9/18)

Wednesday 9/16:  Complete your Digital Passport/Scrapbook.  Be sure to use GRAPES. (DUE 9/18)

Friday 9/18:  Christianity and the Church During the Middle Ages Vocabulary, Identifications and Questions (Due 9/22 before class)


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