5th Period World History

Welcome to Mrs. Malec's 5th Period World History  at Rogers Middle School website. Here you will find assignments, news, and resources to help you be successful in this class.


Unit 7: Scientific Rev./Exploration/Enlightenment Packet Table of Contents
1. Table of Contents
2. Timeline Questions/Conducting an Experiment
3. Renaissance Science & Invention Video

Classroom Store Policy

In 5th period, there is a classroom store. Students can buy things such as pens, pencils, folders, markers, colored pencils, other school supplies and candy. They purchase these items using tickets. Tickets are earned by participating in classroom discussions, following directions, doing good deeds, helping out around the room, and generally following directions. The prices of items will be a certain number of tickets. The store will be open every Thursday for the last 10 minutes of class. The store may be open at other times at the teacher's discretion.


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