Small Groups

Social Skills are a very important part of the the total guidance

program. The purpose of small social skills groups is to enhance children's

communication skills and to encourage social interaction.  Children's social

relationships have a tremendous impact on their academic, behavioral,

and emotional functioning.  The groups will meet once a week and are

also known as Friendship Clubs.


Lunch Bunch groups are designed to help increase children's confidence

and sense of well-being.  For the first five weeks, lunch bunch groups

will consist of students who are new to Pleasant Union.  They will

have lunch with me, watch a guidance video while eating, and discuss

any concerns that they might have.  The purpose of this group is to

help in the adjustment of students who are new to our school and to

provide a sense of belonging.  After the first five weeks, lunch bunch

participants will either be self-referred, parent referred or teacher



Many children have to go through the pain and anguish that accompanies the

divorce or separation of their parents.  During this difficult time,it means

a lot for children to understand that they are not alone and they have

someone to talk with about their feelings. "Banana Splits" is a special

support group for children who wish to help each other cope with the changes

happening in their families.


With increasing numbers of children diagnosed each year with ADHD, teachers

are constantly seeking approaches to help these students stay focused and be

successful in school. The "Hunter" group utilizes a book by Lori Copeland,

called "Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control."  The remote control is used

to teach the elements of self-control, self-esteem, self-instruction and

social skills.  The focus of the group is on the student's strengths, rather

than weaknesses.


"The Cool Kids Club" is an anger control group that helps children learn to

stay "cool" in "hot" situations.  We will do a lot of work on self-esteem in

this group as well.


Other groups that I do throughout the year on an as needed basis include

"Copers" (for children having difficulties dealing with grief) and a group on

nutrition and healthy lifestyles for kids who are overweight.


This year, I will also offer a group geared toward 3rd and 4th graders

on "Test Taking and Taking Charge of School." This group will specifically

target kids with test anxiety, focusing problems and organizational



There are several ways that students can be referred for small groups:

1. Parent referral (beginning of the year surveys, phone call or e-mail to me)

2. Teacher referral (parents will be notified)

3. Student referral (parents will be notified)


Please remember that I can not guarantee that everyone who is referred to a

group will actually be in one. I will specifically target the kids who need

it most (based on teacher recommendation).