Parent Volunteers

Room Parents: Laura Hopper and Mary O'Brien

Teddy Bear Tea Party (September 18th) : Naomi Hambleton and Lisa Tabakian

       THANK YOU Naomi and Lisa. The children enjoyed the Teddy Bear Tea Party and Parade. 

October Celebration (October) : Laura Hopper and Charisse Turner

THANK SO MUCH TO Charisse Turner, Mary O'Brien and Laura Hopper. The children had a wonderful time at the October Celebration.

Farm Breakfast(November): Lee Heath

Winter Celebration(December): David & Jill Desplaces and Greg Patterson

Valentine Celebration(February): Laura Hopper and Maria Fiorillo

Egg Hunt/Spring Celebration(April 1): Lee Heath and Mary O'Brien

End of The Year Picnic (May): Jennifer & Roderick Thomas and Maria Fiorillo