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Homework Assignments

Week of August 17

All Homework is dependent on the student's work in class. Homework should be found in their Red Folder. If the text is red, it is homework for everyone. 


Spelling 3x's each

 Math Homework:2B

Read Gus Decodable Reader 1 for extra credit


Spelling 3x's each (Spelling Test on Wed., Retest on Thurs.)

Math Homework: 3B

Read Iris and Walter from Reading Textbook


Spelling Test was today, Retest for all students that didn't make a 100 will be tomorrow.

Math Homework: 4B


No Spelling Homework tonight

Math Homework: 5B

Read Iris and Walter from Reading Textbook


No Spelling Homework tonight 

Math Homework: 6B

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