Dear Parents/Guardians,

Homework is assigned nightly from Monday-Thursday. Occasionally students might have an assignment or studying over the weekend. Homework is meant to practice skills learned throughout the day. While some skills might be challenging and take some thought/work, homework assignments are never meant frustrate or cause tears. If homework is taking your child longer than one hour of focused time to complete, please stop. Please indicate that your child was having trouble and return it to school. I will gladly help them with it the next day. Please continue to check your child's completed homework and sign his/her planner each night. Thank you for your continued support of your child's education.
                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Mazza

Monday, January 14

   Spelling: 5x's each (incorrect only)
   Science: Test Wednesday

   Notes: Book Orders due Friday

Tuesday, January 15

   Spelling: 2 Activities due Friday
   Math: Worksheet; Quiz Thursday
   Science: Test tomorrow
   Social Studies w/ Mr. Gabel: Vocabulary pg. 100
   Notes: Book Orders due Friday

Wednesday, January 16

   Spelling: 2 Activities due Friday; Test Friday
   Math: Review WS; Fraction Quiz tomorrow
   Social Studies w/ Mr. Gabel: Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow
   Notes: Book Orders due Friday

Thursday, January 17

   Spelling: 2 Activites due tomorrow; Test tomorrow
   Math: Worksheet
   Notes: Test Folders; Book Orders due tomorrow

Friday, January 18

   Notes: No School Monday