11th Grade American Literature

Mrs. Courtney McCartney       Room 1201

                  Email:                 Phone: (918) 357-7171 

Course Objective:  In this class, we will practice and perfect our reading and writing skills while exploring American Literature. We will read novels, short stories, poetry, and other literature from various periods in America’s history. You will also learn various strategies that will make you a better reader and writer. During the year, you can expect to write both long essays and short writing assignments. We will use both group and individual activities to become active learners in the classroom. By the end of the year, all of you will be better readers, writers, and learners. Grading:  I DO NOT want you to fail. In this class, your grade will be determined on a weighted system. This means that different categories, such as tests, will affect your grade more than a daily homework assignment. Here is the breakdown of your grade:

Essays/Writing = 40%                                                                                 

Tests/Quizzes = 25%                                                                                       

HW/Daily Grade = 25%                                                                            

Semester Final = 10%

If you have any questions about how to figure your grade throughout the semester please feel free to contact me. Remember that you or your parent can check your grade online at any time. The link to Crosspointe is 

“The Daily 10”:  The “Daily 10” is a daily grade that is given for completing each day’s bell work and for being active participants during the day’s lesson. You will get 5 points for bell work and 5 points for participating in the day’s lesson. These are easy points that can really help your grade. I will check your English notebook every two weeks for bell work and notes. Students participate in the following ways:

 ·         Respecting the classroom and everyone in it

·         Turning his or her cell phone off before getting to class

·         Coming to class on time and prepared – WITH class materials and writing utensil

·         Avoiding working on class work that isn’t related to English class

·         Staying awake and alert during class

·         Having no UN-excused absences

·         Completing At The Bell (ATB) activitiesChoosing not to follow these guidelines will result in “The Daily 10” grade being lowered.

Classroom Materials: Each student needs to have the following items:

Pens (blue or black only please)           Pencils                                                                                                                                                                 


1 Package of Post-It notes

 1 binder (1-3 inch will be fine)                    

1 package of divider tabs

1 USB flash drive- I highly recommend that every student purchases a USB to save any assignments that we work on in class. This will make the research paper process much easier. 

In addition, I would like for each student to donate any one of the following items to the classroom: 1 package of markers, 1 package of colored pencils, 1 package of construction paper or colored computer paper, 1 package of expo dry erase markers, a pair of scissors, glue sticks, antibacterial gel(Germ-X), or a box of Kleenex.

Classroom Procedures:

1.       Punctual attendance is strictly enforced.  Students should be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.  Students will be required to have a pass for late entrance into class.  Handbook guidelines for tardies will be followed.

2.       No food or drink (except water in the original bottle) is allowed in class.

3.       All papers must contain a correct MLA heading as posted in the classroom

4.       All work is due at the beginning of the hour on the day it is due.

5.   Handbook guidelines for making up work after an absence WILL BE STRICTLY enforced. When you are absent, you are responsible for getting your make up work. The day you return from an absence, fill out an “I was absent” form to receive your missing work.  When you have finished the make-up work, please hand the assignment directly to the teacher with the “I was absent” form attached.

6.       Students will be given Four (4) hall passes at the beginning of each semester.  A student must have a hall pass to leave the room. Students may also use a pass as a tardy pass or 24hr homework pass. When the passes are used, there are no more.  Passes not used at the end of the semester will earn bonus points.

7.       Plagiarism is NOT acceptable.  By this time in your education, you know what this is.  Any work that shows evidence of extreme plagiarism will receive a ZERO.  This includes homework assignments where answers are “shared”.  The student handbook outlines further disciplinary measures which will be taken in all instances of plagiarism.

8.       Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones are strictly prohibited unless I specifically tell you to have them out. If you have a cell phone out, you will receive a lunch detention. If you are a repeat offender, you will be referred to the assistant principal for more severe action. There will be times during the year that I will allow you to use your phone to complete classroom activities.

English Rescue: Students have the opportunity to use ER (English Rescue). English Rescue is designed to give you the opportunity to maintain a passing or personally acceptable grade in English. English Rescue gives you the opportunity to seek additional help for any lesson you did poorly on, resubmit any assignment, make up/retake any test, or to complete an assignment that was never turned in.

ER Rules

·   If a student has 3 zeros, he/she will be assigned an ER session. If the student does not show for the assigned ER, he/she will be referred to administration. 

·   Late assignments require at least one 30-minute ER session and must be turned in within 10 days of date assigned.

·   Late writing assignments require at least two 30-minute ER sessions and must be turned in within 10 days of date assigned.

·   Redo of assignments requires at least one 30-minute ER session and must be returned within 5 days of date returned to student.

·   Redo of tests and writing assignments requires two 30-minute sessions and must be completed within 5 days of date returned to student.

·   Students must report to all ER sessions on time. If you are late, you will be denied entry into that ER session.

·   The last day of ER for 1st semester is December 10th. The last day of ER for 2nd semester is May 13th.

·   Cheating and plagiarism cannot be rescued.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Final Final Thoughts: I look forward to having you in class this year. I am available to help you before school, after school, or during lunch. Do not be afraid to talk to me if you need some help or have questions on any assignment. Please let me know you are struggling before your grade suffers.