Time Warner Hang Tough Competition

Each year Time Warner sponsors a competition which encourages students to “hang tough” against negative situations and influences such as violence, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and bullying. Students first write a short script which depicts their video idea.  Then the scripts are all sent in and we wait……….Only 20 scripts are chosen from amongst 600- 700.  Those 20 are then made into an actual PSA - Public Service Announcement; which is a like a commercial. 

McKinley has made a name for itself because we have had students be chosen for the top 20 for 5 years running now!  Wow, what an accomplishment. 

All students who are in 6th, 7th or 8th grade during the script writing portion (usually first or second quarter) will write a script.  We usually find out the top 20 in January or February. 

Click here to view some photos of students that participated over the years: