Internet Safety

Using the internet is a big responsibility for your child. However, it doesn't have to be a scary one. Below I listed some tips and rules on internet safety as well as an interactive link. Also, contact your internet service provider to see if they have parental-control options that you can use. Please go over this site together with your child. We cover these rules in the classroom and computer lab, however it is important that they are enforced at home as well. 

KNOW- What your child sees and hears, as well as who they meet and what they share.

EXPECT-Don't expect your child to know internet safety if you don't talk to them about it.

TALK- Talk to them about rules and guidelines and ask tham about what they do online. 


7 Simple Rules to Follow: 

1. Never trade photographs.

2. Never reveal personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, school name or location. 

3. Never agree to meet anyone in person.

4. Never respond to a threatening email or message.

5. Always tell a parent about any conversation that was scary or asked you any questions you were told not to answer. 

6. If your child talks about a "friend" online, asked to be "introduced" online to that friend. 

7. Keep the computer in a common area where you can monitor your child, not in individual bedrooms.


 Surfing the Net

 To make sure your child is safe while surfing the net, don't let them use google, yahoo or other common search engines. There are kid friendly search engines available that do filter what your child sees. However, even with the filter, please practice the rules above. Here are my three favorite kid search engines:

Ask Jeeves for Kids! - Ask Jeeves is a unique service that allows you to ask a question instead of entering in key words. At Ask Jeeves for Kids the results have been examined for appropriateness. 

KidsClick! -  This site is backed by librarians and lists about 5,000 kid friendly websites.

Yahooligans - Brought to us by Yahoo, this was the first kids search engine and most commonly used one. It filters the webpages your child searches as well as blocks adult advertising.  


Now that you and your child have gone over these tips and rules to follow, put your knowledge to the test as you complete this fun,interactive online quiz that goes over internet safety and quizzes you on what you remember. Have fun at Disney's Surfswell Island! When you are done, print out your Certificate of Swellness and bring to Mrs. McDuffie for a trip to the treasure box!