Web Quest


What will we do this Saturday?

A WebQuest for 4th Grade (Physical and Personal Wellness )

Designed by

Jitka McGivney

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There are many fun activities Pueblo County has to offer.  Not too many students are familiar with the extensive bike/hike trails, beautiful Nature Center, wonderful parks.In this assignment, students will explore many recreational sites and plan leisure activities (like bike trip, outing to the zoo, hiking, watching CSU-Pueblo football game...) they would enjoy and they could do on Saturdays.  The students will also pick a healthy choice of food they would like to eat that day. 

The Task

 Your task is to pick an activity you would like to do this Saturday and plan it.  The activity must be located within Pueblo County.  Don’t forget to plan your meals.  At the end of this week you will write what you have picked and why.

The Process 


You will start by exploring by some or all of these sites: Pueblo Parks & Recreation, Pueblo Nature Center, Pueblo Zoo, Pueblo West Parks and Recreation, CSU- Pueblo Athletics.  If you would like to go biking, or hiking you need to include the trail and distance.


Today you will explore MyPyramid web site and decide what and how much food you will eat this Saturday. Remember that you should pick food which nourishes your body and gives you plenty of energy.


You will write a page long article on what activity you have picked and why.  Think about active versus inactive types of leisure.  In your article you will need to include your food choices and explain why you picked them.  Will they give you more than energy (Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber…)?

Websites to choose from:

v  www.pueblo.us

v  www.pueblowestmetro.com

v  Colorado State University-Pueblo Athletics

v  www.mypyramid.gov

v  www.healthypeople.gov



Student name: ___________________________


ResearchStudent was able to use information from at least 3 internet sites. Student used 1-2 internet sites for the research.Student used 1 internet site for the researchNo internet research,or researched sites were irrelevant 
Sentence structure and organization  Student demonstrated excellent control in simple grammar.  Paragraphs are well developed.10 sentences or moreStudent made only minor grammar errors.  Sentences are in paragraph form.  8-10 sentences.Student made some grammar errors. 6-8 sentences in 2 paragraphs.   Student made many grammar errors, no paragraphs and less than 6 sentences.       
Creativity  and participationStudent was very creative and participated throughout the projectStudent was creative and mostly participated Student was minimally involved and relied mostly on othersStudent did not participate 
Use of class timeStudent worked on the project, finished on time and helped othersStudent worked on the project and finished on time.Student did not use time wisely and did not finish the project Student did not work on the project during our class time and disturbed his/her classmates 



Congratulations, you have finished your Web Quest assignment. I hope that all the gained knowledge will help you plan future fun activities to keep you moving around our beautiful town and healthy decisions about the food you eat.

Credits & References 

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Teacher Page 

This Web Quest was designed to encourage students to use recreational facilities our county offers.  Many kids spend their weekends watching TV or playing video games.  This Web Quest makes students aware of the healthy possibilities Pueblo has to offer.  The same Web Quest with only minor changes can be used in any school district with any grade level.  For higher grades the rubric would have to be adjusted.   

Physical Education:

Standard:Physical and Personal WellnessGrade Level Expectation: 4th Grade.  Recognize the relationship between healthy nutrition and exercise

Reading, Writing and Communicating:

Standard: Writing and Composition Grade Level Expectation:  4th Grade. Correct sentence formation, grammar,      punctuation, and spelling are applied to make the meaning clear to the reader

Standard: Research and Reasoning

Credits & References


Dodge, Bernie. "Creating WebQuests." The WebQuest Page. 15 Aug 1999. San Diego State University, Web. 22 Feb 2010.

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