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Welcome to Mrs. McIntosh's classroom webpage for parents.  This page is to inform parents of crucial information as well as what is going on in our classroom and school.  

Some helpful websites to parents:  

U.S. Department of Education Website:

U. S. Department of Education Special Education Website:

Wrights Law Website.  Information on No Child  Left Behind Act, IDEA Act, Special Education Law, Advocacy, Books, Videos, etc.:

U.S. Department of Education.  Protecting Students with Disabilities:

Scholastic Parents:



 I am a mother of three children, Jacob - 20 years old, Kacie - 14 years old, and Noah - 11 years old. Noah is a special needs child with Down sydrome/ Autism Spectrum Disorder and advocating for him has made me pursue a degree in education.  I have been married for 24 years October 17, 2011 and I am a proud Navy wife. I believe that family is important, and that a family has great influence on a child and their learning. 

My previous education work has included working as a special education aide for 2 years, a kindergarten teachers aide for 1 1/2 years, substitute teacher, school liaison and a parent volunteer. 

I believe that all students learn in different ways, and that students can learn from their social surroundings. I feel that a classroom should be diverse with special education students, ESL students and regular education students. I believe that a school that practices inclusion and has implemented inclusion for students is a well diverse school. 

Some of my favorite quotes are.... 

.... Consider the possibilities that exist when educators view inclusive schooling as.... something we do versus... something we have." Paula Kluth (2002... You're Going to Love This Kid) 

All great change in America begins at the dinner table....... Ronald Reagan





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