9-28  This week we will be learning and reviewing:

toe, a, d, g, lit, r, n, m 


9-21 This week we will be learning and reviewing:

o, a, d, c, e, tie


We will also begin to write in our Writing Journals.  This is a very exciting time.  They will get to show what they  have learned as they have seen me modeling it daily.

Keep in mind we want our children to focus on writing not on spelling.  We want them to love writing and at the beginning it will be all new for them.  Make a big deal out of any writing they do and celebrate. :) 


When you read with your child point out the spacing between words, the upper and lower cases, the periods, paragraphs, etc.

Practice how to write horizontal and vertical lines.  Remind your child to always start from the top.

 Practice how to write circles.

 Practice cutting. Cutting is a good exercise for strengthening the writing muscles