September Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I’m looking forward to a great school with each of my students.

 Indoor Shoes- Each student is required to bring a pair of shoes (non-marking, rubber soles) for indoor use.  Please only send tie-up shoes if your child can tie his/her own shoes as each child is responsible for dressing themselves. For safety reasons, students must have shoes on at all times while they are at school. 

Change of Clothing- Please pack a change of clothing for your child.  This will be very helpful in the case of an accident (this could include bathroom, mud puddles and tricky juice boxes) and will make a possibly embarrassing situation much easier for your child. If you would like this change of clothing to stay at school, please place in a large ziplock baggie with the students name on the bag.   

Homework- Each night your child should read to you or listen to a story.  This is important for their reading development.  Each month a homework calendar will be sent home with simple easy to do activities. These activities should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. Also, if homework cannot be completed on a given night, use the weekend or another time when you and your child can relax and enjoy the activity. As an activity is completed please check that box off (sticker, colour it in, cross it off).  At the end of the month, please send the homework calendar back to school and all students who have completed the work will receive a prize! 

Show and Tell- Students will have assigned days to bring things for Show and Tell. If a student does not bring something to share, he or she will be expected to tell the class about something interesting to him or her.  Please do not bring breakable items as sometimes accidents happen.

 Fridge List- Every Monday morning (Tuesday for SK), I will send home a Fridge List.  This list will have the 5 words for the week. Please put this list on your fridge and have your child read and spell the words to you.

Lunch- Our school runs on a balanced day- this means the students have one snack break and lunch.  Please try to provide a healthy snack each day.  We are a PEANUT FREE school.  Please check packaged products before sending them in lunches.  

Agendas- Each student will be given an agenda. A $2 fee to help cover the costs of the agendas is requested.  Each grade one student will be responsible for writing a short message in his/her agenda.  Kindergartens will not be asked to do this until January, but I will write in the SK agendas.  Each evening please review your child’s agenda and sign the spot for that day.  The following day, each student who got the agenda signed will receive a sticker!  The agendas are a great and easy way to keep school-home communication open!  If there are small behaviour issues, this is also where I will let the parents know about them.  

Toys at school- Please think carefully before being a toy to school.  Sometimes these do get broken or lost at school.  If you do choose to bring a toy- please do not bring more than one toy per day. 

Class Website- I’ve created a website to help keep parents/guardians up to date on classroom events.  I will be updating the website every few days so check back often!  You can visit the website at Please do not worry if you don’t have internet access, the information will also be sent home in notes.  

Scholastic Book Club- Each month your child will receive a Scholastic Book Order.  If you wish to place an order, please return the form and a cheque made out to Scholastic Book Club- please do not send cash. Please note that there may be different prices for different provinces on some books. 

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference or volunteer, please contact me at 653-1430.   I’m looking forward to a wonderful year!

Sincerely, Mrs. McParlan (formerly Ms. Gibson)