Star Student

Every week we have a new star student.  This week's star student is Sebastian!  Congrats Sebastian!  You're doing a great job in Pre-K!

Parents, here's information about being our star student:

Dear Parent,

Congratulations!  Your child has been chosen as the Star Student! Your child was picked for his/her good behavior, implementation of the class rules, and acting as a good role model and leader for the other students.

As a part of the Star Student program, we ask that you fill out the enclosed questionnaire and post it on the enclosed person cut out.  Have some fun with this!  Add pictures where you can, make it colorful, and make it personal for your child because it will be displayed in the classroom for all other students to see for two whole weeks!  Please have your child bring this is by Monday!

The advantages of being a star student are:

  • Your child will have a special bulletin board all to his/her self that will display the poster you created. 
  • He/she will be the line leader.
  • Your child will be chosen to help out the teachers as needed.

Please congratulate your child and tell him/her how proud you are!  This is the highest honor a child can receive in our classroom.

Your child is really shining in our class this year,

Mrs. Megan