Semester 2 Syllabus


“Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself.”

Theodore T. Hunger

VID (Advancement via Independent Determination)
English Class
Mrs. Kim Merriam



*Course Description: This course will revolve around reading and analyzing various forms of world literature and genres from short stories and poetry to nonfiction and epics, as well as, an introduction to the basic principles of expository writing. Students will learn through a variety of methods that will introduce them to college preparatory study habits and modes of learning, such as Socratic seminars and Cornell notes. The focus of the course will be to establish and maintain study habits, while approaching various forms of literature and writing.

Course Objectives/ Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this quarter, students will be able to EVALUATE world literature through the analysis of history and genre. Students will also be able to DEMONSTRATE comprehensive reading, writing and speaking skills by completing essays, presentations and seminars. Students are expected to EXPRESS ideas clearly in various modes of writing and DISTINGUISH the differences in literary genres.

*Standards to be Covered:
* Literary Response and Analysis * Writing Strategies
* Writing Applications
* Speaking Applications
* Reading Comprehension
* Word Analysis, Fluency, & Systematic Vocab.

Student Code of Conduct:
1. Be in your seat BEFORE the final bell rings, ready to learn. Stay seated until your teacher dismisses you. Upon entering make certain to have ID on. This is to remain on the entire school day.
2. Respect yourself, others & property of others at all times. Think before you say it aloud.
3. Leave food, gum & drinks outside of the classroom. Water is okay.
4. Turn in all assignments on time, all the time.
ABSOLUTELY NO LATE or MAKE-UP WORK is accepted unless official proof of the excuse from the attendance office is attached to the assignment.
5. No distracting electronic devices and/or
unauthorized cell phone use.

1. Verbal warning
2. Timeout
3. Detention in OCS
4. Parent call or conference
5. Student review meeting
6. VP or Counselor referral
7. Suspension or Expulsion


NOTE: Some of the consequences may be used in combination, and some steps may be skipped depending on the severity of the behavior.


1. Praise
2. Tangible rewards
3. Positive calls/ notes home
4. Extra class activities
5. Self-discipline & respect

Field Trip/ Study & Extracurricular Activity Policy: A student may only be permitted to participate in specified field studies or a non-AVID/ Cornell House classroom activity if he/she is earning a grade of C or better. If a student is not earning a passing grade, an absence due to an extracurricular activity may further increase the chance of failure.











*Week 1: January 27-January 29 Expository/ Research
News Articles: Caucasian Mummies (pg 130)                                         5Ws & 1H Graphic Organizer due Thurs. Jan. 28
Newspaper Articles: ‘Cows on Parade (pg 394)
Farewell to Manzanar Newspaper . . . .                                                Group Newspaper Article Analysis due
Friday Jan. 29

*Week 2: February 1-February 5 Expository/ Research
Advertisements/Search Engines: (pg. 534)                                           Search Engine FTM activity due Thur. Feb. 4
Business Documents: Letter (pg 196)                                                  Business Letter #1 due
Wed. Feb. 3
Technical Directions (pg 480)                                                            Technical directions on Reading FTM due Fri. Feb. 5
Atlas/Maps (pg 880)                                                                        FTM map fill-in due Fri. Feb. 5 (classwork)
Examples will focus on the upcoming essay on the events of Farewell To Manzanar and WWII

*Week 3: February 8-February 12 Expository/ Research
Websites (pg 257)                                                                            Websites for FTM in library due
Tues. Feb. 9
Professional Journals (pg 964)                                                           Journal articles for FTM due Wed. Feb. 10
FTM/WWII Powerpoint/Notes                                                         
Quiz on Introduction to FTM/WWII Fri. Feb. 12
Introductions to Essays (Jane Schaffer)                                    Grammar Pkt due Fri. Feb. 12

*Week 4: February 15-February 19 Expository/ Research
FTM: Foreword, Chron. And Terms/ Chapter 1                                       Timeline/Chronology due Thurs. Feb. 18
Powerpoint Part I                                                                             Prereading Vocab worksheet due Tues. Feb. 16
Close Reading                                                                                   Short Answer Study Guide Questions due Fri. Feb. 19
Quiz on Foreword, Chronology and Terms due Fri. Feb. 19
                                                                                                      Research questions on FTM and Poverty

*Week 5: February 22-February 26 Expository/ Research
FTM: Chapter 2 and 3                                                                       Business Letter #2 (trip) due Tues. Feb. 23
Powerpoint                                                                                      Prereading Vocab worksheet due Wed. Feb. 24
Close Reading                                                                                  Short Answer Study Guide Questions due Fri. Feb. 26
Body Pharagraphs/Citations                                                              
6 Citations due Thurs. Feb. 25
Evaluate Credibility of Author                                               Grammar Pkt due Fri. Feb. 26

*Week 6: March 1-March 5 Expository/ Research
FTM: Chapter 4-6                                                                            Character Traits Chart due Wed. March 3
FTM: Chapter 7-11                                                            Short Answer Study Guide Questions due Thurs.March 4
                                                                                                     Prereading Vocab worksheet due
Mon. March 1
                                                                                                     Newspaper Writing Assignment due
Fri. March 5
*Week 7: March 8-March 12 Expository/ Research
FTM: Chapter 12-15                                                                         Short Answer Study Guide Questions due Thurs. March11
FTM: Chapter 16-19                                                                         Prereading Vocab worksheet due
Tues. March 9
Conclusion Paragraphs                                                                      Oral Present. on camps (informational) due
Fri. March 12
                                                                                Grammar Pkt due Fri. March 12
*Week 8: March 15-March 19 Expository/ Research
FTM: Chapter 20-22                                                                        Short Answer Study Guide Questions due Tues. March 16
FTM bingo review                                                                            Prereading Vocab worksheet due
Wed. March 17
Socratic Seminar: Justified?                                                            FTM essay due
Thurs. March 18
                                                                                                    FTM Test on
Fri. March 19

*Week 9: March 22-March 26 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Intro                                                                    Globe Theatre drawing due Mon. March 22
Powerpoint: Globe & Shakespeare                                                      Map for R&J due
Wed. March 24
Soliloquy, Aside, Monologue, Dialogue                                                 examples of dramatic lang. due
Thurs. March 25
Characterization                                                                             examples of char. traits by dram. Lang. due
Fri. March 26
                                                                                Grammar Pkt due Fri. March 26

*Week 10: March 29-April 2 Spring Break

*Week 11: April 5-April 9 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet                                                                             Study Questions due Fri. April 9
Figurative language                                                                         Time Chart and Character Chart due
Thurs. April 15
Socratic Seminar: Gangs                                                                  
Student Groups 1-5 act out scene this week

*Week 12: April 12-April 16 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet                                                                              Study Questions due Fri. April 16
Theme/Universal Theme                                                                    Student Groups 6-10 act out scene this week
R & J Test on Fri. April 16
                                                                                 R & J Project due Thur. April 15
                                                                                 No Grammar Pkt due this week

*Week 13 & 14: April 19-April 30 CST Testing and Review
Persuasive Writing Activity/Presentations

*Week 15: May 3-7 Cause and Effect Essay on Poverty
Scenario Activity                                                                            Reflection on Scenario due Tues. May 4
Research in library                                                                          20 Library note cards (citations and sources)due
Fri.May 7

*Week 16: May 10-14 Cause and Effect Essay on Poverty
Research in library
Rough Draft for Essay                                                                     Hand Written Draft for Essay due
Fri. May 14
MLA Work Cited                                                                             Work Cited Page due
Thurs. May 13
                                                                                Grammar Pkt due Fri. May 14

*Week 17: May 17-May 21 Cause and Effect Essay on Poverty
Peer Edit Workshop                                                                         5 Peer Reviews due Wed. May 18
                                                                                Final draft due Fri. May 19

*Week 18: May 24-May 28 Cause and Effect Descriptive Presentation
Descriptive Presentations                                                                Analysis of Presentations due Wed. May 26
                                                                                                    Presentations due
Thurs. May 27

*Week 19: May 31- June4 Review for Final


Note: This Schedule is subject to modification and revision based on the needs of the class.

  1. Methods of Instruction
    Powerpoint/ Technology
    2. Writing Conventions
    3. Interactive models/ activities

  2. Methods of Evaluation
    1. Formal Tests/ Quizzes
    2. Verbal Assessment
    3. Projects

  3. Required Materials
    2. Farewell to Manzanar
    3. Highlighters
    4. Post its