Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

_____1 primary marble front journal Mead notebook with the  blank picture space and writing lines

_____ 1 box of pencils (sharpened)

_____ pencil sharpener w/ top

_____ 1 pencil box (approx. 8”x5”)

_____ 1 box of Ziplock quart or gallon sized bags

_____ 1 package of stickers

_____ crayons of choice(24 or less)

_____ watercolors - prefer Crayola

_____ fat markers

_____ 1 bottle of Elmer’s washable school glue

_____ 4 large glue sticks or 8 small

_____ 1 pair Fiskars scissors

______ book bag (NO WHEELS)

_____ lunch box

_____ 1 sturdy take-home folder with pockets

Choose One or two of the following from the list below:

_____ refill pkg. of baby wipes or Clorox wipes  

_____ pkg. of plastic spoons/forks

_____ roll of paper towels

_____ pkg. of cheap paper plates

_____ box of tissues

_____hand sanitizer

­­_____1 pack of dry erase markers


Please label all supplies with your child’s name or initials with a permanent marker or label.