Sight Words and Vocabulary Lists

Sight Words

These are the Kindergarten sight words that you can begin to work on with your child at home.

Please have your child practice reading the words as well as spell the words correctly at  home.

Sight Words:

look             has              run     I          a      can               red              not     

the                 cat        dog            is     big      and      at       me



Vocabulary List 1

All students must be able to recognize and read all of the words on the list below.

To be mastered by end of Quarter 2 (Jan. 18th)


go            on            the           and          here         jump       

not           too           we            a              find          have       

one          to             who         five          four         in

once        three       two          upon       what        do

for           I               is             me           my           said        

you          are           away        does        he            live         

pull          they         where