Units of Study

The following is information about our current units of study and the learning targets that students are supposed to accomplish during each unit.

Our final theme in our reading series is Travel Time!  In this theme, children see how people expand their knowledge as they explore new ideas and places. Whether they are close to home or far away, the characters in this theme find that adventure awaits them.
Our selections for this theme include:
1. Abuela
2. Dinosaurs Travel
3. Montigue on the High Seas
4. Ruth Law Thrills a Nation

Some of the skills we will be working on are:
*Predict Outcomes
*Locate Information
*Make Inferences
*How-to paragraphs
*Helping Verbs
*Go, Do, Went, Did
*See, saw, go, went
*Come, Run, Came, Ran

We are currently working on the trait of Sentence Fluency.

Math Learning Targets


Social Studies
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