Government Syllabus (Honors & CCP)

Government CCP/Honors

Student Syllabus


Course Description:

Government is a course in which students learn about functions and problems of federal, state (emphasis on Maryland), and local governments. In this course a student will complete the student Service Learning requirement for graduation. In the Honors section, students extend learning through study of more challenging content. .

 Course Objective:

·       Students will demonstrate understanding of the structure and functions of government and politics in the United.

·       Students will evaluate how the United States government has maintained a balance between protecting rights and maintaining order.

·       Students will evaluate the interdependent relationship of the United States politics and government to world affairs.

·       Students will compare and evaluate the effectiveness of the United States system of government with various other political systems.

·       Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of cultural and physical geographic factors in the development of government policy.

·       Students will demonstrate an understanding of economic principles, institutions, and processes required to formulate government policy.

 Texts/Resources:·       Textbook:  United States Government Democracy in Action



 Materials Needed:

·       Loose leaf paper

·       Folder or section of a binder

·       Note cards

·       Highlighter

·       Writing utensils

  Units of Study:

·       Citizenship in Our Democracy

·       The Federal Government

·       The State and Local Government

·       The Citizen in American Government

·       Citizenship in the Home, School, and Community (includes Student Service Learning Unit)

·       How the American Economy Works

·       America in Today’s World

·       Improving Life for All America


Grading Policy:

 Term grades   

Class work, homework & projects         =          40%   of term grade

Test & quizzes                                       =          60%   of term grade



Class Grade

Term 1/2 grade                                 =            45%   of semester grade

Term 2/4 grade                                 =            45%   of semester gradeFinal                          

Final                                                      =            10%   of semester grade 

Class Rules:

·       No getting out of your seat during class without permission.

·       No talking while teacher is giving instructions, during lesson, or while other students are working unless called upon.

·       No talking during announcements.

·       Do what you are asked the first time you are asked.

*** These rules are in addition to school rules.



·       1st:  Verbal Warning

·       2nd: Verbal warning with parent contact

·       3rd: After school detention with parent contact

·       4th: Referral to office with parent contact

***Certain infractions may lead to automatic referral to office.




  • If you are absent from class for any reason, excused or unexcused, it is your responsibility to get your missed assignments.
  • Go to the “Make Up” box and fill out a form for the day(s) you were absent and place it on my desk. 
  • It now becomes my responsibility to gather your assignments and give them to you.
  • If you miss a test, it must be made up promptly. You need to schedule the make-up test with me in person.