Government CCP Current News Format/Due Dates

Current News

Part of being an informed citizen and community member means being informed about topics affecting the world around you.  As you begin adulthood, it is crucial to regularly read and reflect on news stories reported objectively in respectable publications.  In order to encourage you to read newspapers, magazines and the news web sites more regularly and be informed about local, national, and world events that will impact and enhance your understanding of life and what we explore in this class, you will be required in this class to complete a current events journal.  Each term, you will turn in TEN articles from reputable news sources.  This project is worth 100 points each term.  Here are some guidelines for this year-long project:



  • Must be from reputable news sources.  Examples: The Washington Post, New York Times, Washington Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, certain online news sources.
  • You may use articles from TV news programs MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc… if the article is in print form.  However you may NOT use articles from online non-news sources (Google, etc…) If you are not sure…..ask Mrs. Kenny!
  • Sources like People Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Rolling Stone, Essence, etc….while entertaining, do not meet the journalistic requirements for this project.
  • You must include a COPY of each article with your written journal entry (instructions below) when you submit your project each term.  Make a photocopy of all newspaper articles.  Do not submit the original article.
  • All articles must be in English and not translated by a third party.


Each term, you must include ONE article from EACH of the following categories (total of ten)

  1. Local news (events taking place INSIDE Cambridge or the community upon which you live on a city or small town level.  Look for articles about issues related to zoning, politics, transportation, etc.)
  2. County news (events taking place INSIDE Dorchester County, Maryland on a county level.  Look for articles about issues related to education, immigration, local employment, politics, transportation, etc.)
  3. Maryland news (events taking place INSIDE Maryland on a state level.  Look for articles about issues related to healthcare, immigration, the Chesapeake Bay, politics, transportation, etc.)
  4. Economics (anything having to do with money, banking, unemployment)
  5. Domestic policy (events taking place INSIDE the United States on a national level.  Look for articles about issues related to healthcare, immigration, Social Security, politics, transportation, etc.)
  6. President Obama (what he is doing in his official job responsibilities; NOT what Mrs. Obama is wearing or where they are vacationing!)

7.   The United States Senate (proposed legislation, committee issues, members, etc…)

8.  The United States House of Representatives (proposed legislation, committee issues, members, etc…)

9.   2012 Presidential Election (candidates, issues, platforms, political parties, etc…)

10. Foreign affairs (events taking place OUTSIDE the United States)


You will write a reflection on each article. Each journal reflection with article is worth 10 points, for a total of 100 possible points.  You must turn in all 10 articles at the same time in a folder.  This project may be turned in early each term, but each day the project is late will result in a one letter grade drop per day.  No project will be accepted after four days after the due date.  I recommend getting this done earlier in the term, rather than later.  Budget your time so you don’t experience a crunch or panic later on. 

Each journal reflection for each article should include:

  • A summary paragraph (5 sentences or more) summarizing the main points of the article.
  • A second paragraph discussing and analyzing the specifics of the  main points of the article, stating why you think it is interesting/important/significant AND indicates which topic (of the ten listed in the section above) it addresses.  In writing this paragraph, be sure to include specific details, analyze quotations, or weigh in on the issue presented…you are trying to demonstrate to me that you read and thought about the article!
  • Journal entries should be approximately 1 typed page, double spaced, 12 font/ Times New Roman

Rubric for each article: 

A copy of the article

2 points

One paragraph summary

3 points

One paragraph analysis

5 points


10 point









Due Dates:

Put this on your calendar NOW so there are no surprises LATER!

First Term: October 19, 2010

Second Term: January 11, 2012

Third Term: March 21, 2012

Fourth Term: May 30, 2012


Please see me if you have any questions, or drop an email to!